Single Mom & Trying My Hardest

Christmas is a big deal in our house. Every kid loves Christmas. This year,  its about being healthy and taking care of ourselves. I can’t afford Christmas. The first time I’ve been unable to provide my kids with a good meal and a few gifts. Thank God they know thats not the true meaning and to have eachother, love eachother and be happy is a gift this year for all of us!

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This year has made me feel so defeated. Everything I have been working hard for, for so many years seems to be slowly getting taken away from my kids and myself. I’ve worked extremely hard to get this far by myself. It seems its too easy for it all to fall apart. I don’t really know what to say except I am in desperate need of help. I’m not one to reach out and ask anyone for help, especially not a stranger(s). However I am always there for the people I love most and have made sure to help them when they needed me. So this may be my good Karma and someone may bless me as I’ve blessed others. Its worth a shot as I’ve tried everything else. I had to quit my job in March when the pandemic hit. I have 6 kids, 5 in school that needed me. I had to get on unemployment. I was doing just fine up until October when I switched to the federal extension after exhausting all my benefits. From there everything has been crumbling. They have been withholding my benefits for 7 weeks. Its so hard to get ahold of anyone and when I do. Ive been told they’re reading from a script and I just have to wait until they release my payments.. I’m behind on my car payment, my rent, all my credit cards have been maxed out. I have had to take out 3 loans just to get by. I started doing Instacart. It has helped me start making small payments. However on Thanksgiving my son tested positive for Covid-19 and we are now all in isolation. He is extremely sick. I’m having to care for him and lose my little bit of income. Trying to keep myself safe so I can still care for my other children which are aged 2, 5, 7, 13, 15 and my oldest is 17.

Anything anyone can help me with at this point is a blessing and SO very much appreciated.

I’m not certain I’m doing this right. I sure hope I am!

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