James Skaggs Memorial Fund

James Skaggs was truly one of a kind. One of his daughters shared this about her daddy, “Dad had a lot of health issues throughout his life that he fought hard, ultimately making him retire before he wanted to, therefore, leaving him without any employer life insurance or benefits. I remember Dad being so excited to turn 65 because that meant he was eligible for Medicare and supplement insurance. It also meant he didn’t have to pay out of pocket for his insulin anymore. It meant he didn’t have to rely on samples that were sometimes not available.

My Dad was a proud man and never asked for help, instead, you would see him literally go without to help someone else.
His medical bills are going to be coming in soon. In addition, the cost of whatever services the family is able to arrange. The financial burdens that are going to be left for our sweet Step Mama, Brenda are going to be overwhelming.
If you feel compelled and are able to donate, it would mean the world to our family. If you are unable, we understand, as we have all been there. BUT regardless, we ask that you pray for our family. Pray that the hurting stops just a little. Pray that we are somehow able to find peace.”
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Summersville, WV, United States (US)

James Skaggs was a wonderful, kind-hearted, Christian man. He endured many health issues as he aged, but remained gentle and loving. Heart problems, Diabetes, and eventually a Stroke took him home to Jesus.

His family includes Brenda Skaggs (wife), Megan & Justin Mansfield (daughter, SIL), Susie & Lee Thompson (daughter, SIL), Teresa & Andrew Eades (Stepdaughter, SIL), Franklin & Sara Rose (stepson, DIL). Six children are blessed to call James “Pappy” : Isla Mansfield, Aurora & Alaric Thompson,  and Gabriella, Franky, & Carson Rose.

Due to the multiple health issues James experienced, affordable life insurance was never available to him. He spent many years caring for people with disabilities and could have retired with disability benefits himself at a much younger age than he chose. James loved to provide for his family and he loved to help people.

This fund is set up for the sole purpose of helping with any final expenses. James was flown from Summersville, WV to Morgantown, WV January 13th and was in the ICU in Morgantown until he joined Our Savior in heaven– January 19, 2021.

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