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a business that i have just fallen in love with. I hope you like it too.

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Roodepoort, South Africa


2 JULY 2001 (19 YEARS OLD)


Founder, Owner at Discount Items Store.

Kiewiet Street, Allen’s Nek, Roodepoort, South Africa


My name is Andrew and I recently started my own company called Discount Items Store which I personally run and operate to ensure that it becomes successful. I recently founded this business when I discovered an opportunity in the coronavirus to excel my skills and also because I did not want the course that I was doing which is Bachelor Of Accounting Science CA (SA) at the University Of Johannesburg as I was more keen on starting my own company and following my dreams of becoming great a young age.

My mother is a teacher and my father is unemployed so I wanted to help them out in any way I could as we are a family of 5 including my little brother and sister. Having to run a whole organization whilst also having to deal with education and a personal life can be quite exhausting but I figured out a way to balance all of this and ensure my sanity.

It can also be hard when you have a low budget especially when you depend on family for funding as you won’t truly be certain about the future of your hard work which can really be scary so I have to dig in deeper to find new ways always. I have gained a lot of skills from my exposure on the internet such as WordPress, search engine optimization, web design, Google cloud computing, Google My Business, Google Developers amongst others such as the one that I am working to also improve in Salesforce.

I am fully motivated in ensuring the success of not only myself but also for my family and others and along the way I have also been able to gain some valuable life skills including self-love, dedication, respect and never giving up.  I am sorry to say this but I will keep fighting until the end and my motto is “Become successful or die trying.”

I have accomplished so much as my website is slowly growing and my Crunchbase organization ranking is 244 500 which puts my company among the top half a million companies in the world with companies like Google and Amazon as some of my competitors there. I ensured that I fully optimized my website for all the important ranking factors on Google such as Search engine optimization, fast, integrated, reliable and engaging. I have fought a lot of obstacles to be where I am today but I’m thankful to God that I KEPT FIGHTING AND HOPE FOR A BRIGHTER FUTURE.

Discount Items Store is like a safe haven for people who would like to shop online because it sets the mood for them to enjoy that at peace and also offers people with a search engine by Google which allows them to search for anything that they like through the site. It has a dark mode feature which allows them to choose the theme that they like most. I brainstormed a lot of crazy ideas that I felt like would meet their requirements most.

The benefits of this site is that it will help to change the way in which people see online shopping and also allow the environment and nature to bloom as people will travel less and reduce the spread of the Coronavirus.

I monetized the website through three ways that are Google AdSense, ads through the search engine and affiliate marketing.

The thing I like most about my journey is that I have got the time to appreciate the major things that some people might consider to be minor such as when I actually got to create my first website based on my background and to actually run a business on Google which is a major deal for me and these are the things that keep me motivated.

It can be sometimes hard but with faith and a lot of little hard work, I’m sure I will arrive at my destination soon. There is a lot more I would love to share about my journey and if interested you can always contact me or if there is any way you can contribute, it will truly be appreciated. You can also check out my website if interested above and I hope you have a wonderful life, God Bless You. Thank You.


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